About Yolo Fragrance

YOLO Fragrance was founded by Nicholas Daley in 2011. What started as a conversation, turned into an unshakeable vision to design a fragrance that encompasses all that life has to offer! The drive came from deep within to pursue the idea despite not knowing where to begin. I fell back on faith and began the journey with what I did know. This led me to introductions with some of the most wonderful professionals in the industry where I was able to share this dynamic vision. My vision became theirs. I supposed it was inspiring to them that I wanted to inspire other people through this YOLO.
Life should not only be about thinking outside the box but rather reframing the way we see and do everything in our lives. It’s by taking our thoughts and dreams to a higher level and turning our imagination into a very real tangible reality. Places you want to go, you’re there! Things you want to see, you see them! Adventures you want to do, you’re doing them! YOLO then became evident. You Only Live Once, we don’t get a second chance to leave our impression here on earth, YOLO Fragrance embodies that impression for me what will yours be?


Welcome to YOLO – You Only Live Once Fragrances. “Fall back on faith, leave your impression”.